Due to the modular, component-based architecture of our software, ICS can be used according to needs and individual requirements.

Possible usecases:

  • 1

    full B2C application:

    The ICS software basically covers all necessary business processes and the support of organizational structures. This ensures its use as a complete B2C system. Interfaces to warehouse management, logistics systems and accounting systems are available and can be configured very easily.

  • 2

    Backoffice Marketplace:

    Our software can also be used as a backoffice marketplace, integrating different providers. Products with all necessary information are stored in our system. Standard prices can be modified based on customer and/or product information according to variable rules in the ICS ordering process.

    Deliveries can be made directly via a central warehouse or are immediately forwarded to the supplier.

    Customer communication can also be handled centrally via ICS. Based on detailed information, follow up segmentations and corresponding CRM processes can be set up directly.

    If required, we provide a fully integrated system in ICS for the areas of webshops, mobile apps & stationary stores via our partner network.

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    Contract und Subscription Management:

    ICS is also happy to take care of your customer management processes. Existing customer obligations, customer agreements and the complete processing of subscription models are stored in ICS. Of course, our system also takes over the handling of recurring fees, their collection, the lifecycle management and the management process for outstanding debts.

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    Use of single components:

    The ICS software has countless possibilities and is very flexible. Special functional components can be activated or deactivated covering special business models according to your needs. The integration of these functional components into local applications can be implemented easily and quickly.