ICS provides a central cross channel platform for all business critical processes in the B2C subscription business, with full integration of all CRM processes.

A central customer account, where all activities, sales and service channels converge, ensures end-to-end coverage of all multi-channel and cross-channel activities.

Based on a modular, component-based software architecture, complete coverage of the B2C business is possible, but only partial components can be explicitly connected as a supplement to a local application system. ICS can also be used as a central marketplace.

Our scope includes:

  • product / offer / price management

  • customer management (contract and subscription, segmentation, etc.)

  • handling of all order / delivery / invoice / return processes

  • customer care / customer service processes

  • customer retention and loyalty systems

  • operational and analytical CRM processes

  • central event-based customer communication engine (e-mail, SMS, paper) for operational messages and campaigns