The ICS processes became:

  • Analyzed exclusively on the basis of concrete business requirements and abstracted accordingly - to allow the greatest possible flexibility and generalization.

  • implemented under the supervision of international business experts, quality-assured and optimized in the course of productive use secured through permanent direct contact.

ICS Prozesse
ICS Wabe

During development, main objective was and is defined to avoid any monolithic structure. As speed and flexibility on development and time-to-market process together with connectivity will be the biggest challenges for each IT-system, the focus is still on the development of a component-based platform that allows individual modules to be used and others to be added as required.

This also allows complete integration of the modular components with each other without any further effort.

Just get started:

Our platform can essentially be used out of the box and does not require any major consulting effort.

All processes and components are:

  • Built on central customer and product information in real-time mode

  • Can be used in ICS internal front-end solutions as well as via APIs for local and individual applications

  • Can be used as multi-channel and cross-channel application