Sustainable customer loyalty, first-class support and the best possible service are the most important ingredients to build a customer relationship being successful in the long term.

To build this relationship with your customers, we offer a lot of modular components to be used according to the needs business is dealing with.

Customer contract management:

ICS manages a wide variety of customer relationship models together with all relevant information and follow-up processes.

Regardless of whether these are one-time customers or loyal customers with reciprocal obligations / agreements: The detailed information is available for any form of marketing activities.

To strengthen your customer relationships, it is also easy to create customer communities that can be served via specially designed customer loyalty programs.

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Subscription Models:

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In addition to existing customer agreements, any number of subscription models can be linked to a customer. ICS offers the entire functionality range for this purpose.

The standard scope includes:

  • A wide variety of parameters related to lifecycle management (commitment period, payment period, test period, termination rules, etc.),

    Collection of any fees (rhythm, payment collection, debt reminder management, etc.),

  • Collection of any fees (rhythm, payment collection, debt reminder management, etc.),

  • Linking of subscription models with defined conditions in the business relationship.

Management of orders and sales:

The processing of an order and the price calculation of the shopping cart are based on defined standard prices for the requested products contained in the assigned offers.

All in real time:

  • Consideration of defined price reductions based on product combinations or member information

  • Display of product availability (inventory or allocation to individual offers or sales channels, replenishment information, requested delivery dates, etc.)

  • Calculation of customer credit rating and shipping fees - depending on the shipping channel and based on special conditions

  • Orders are reserved for the customer in real time and automatically reduce the available inventory.

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Exception handling management (unknown address, lack of creditworthiness, etc.) can also be defined as requested by internal organization via the Customer Communication Engine (information to customers, handling by Customer Care).

Product and offer management:

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Products are managed with a variety of product information and assigned to an unlimited number of offers (web store, physical stores, catalogues, flyers, etc.) from a marketing perspective.

Each of these offers can have different sales conditions (price, expenses, promotions, etc.). It is possible to manage product inventories for different locations (central warehouse, branches, etc.) and to allocate and reserve remaining stocks of individual offers.

The availability of a product in the order process is verified in real time in each case on the basis of the available stock, as well as any available replenishment information from the supplier.

Management of remissions:

Product returns by customers are automatically checked with the corresponding delivery and posted with the correct price to the respective customer account as a credit. Any shipping charges are also taken into account.

The stock of the product is adjusted and assigned to a defined area - according to the defined organizational process.

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Payment Management:

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For different services, such as orders, subscription fees, etc, ICS offers the following payment options:

  • all common means of payment (cash, credit cards, direct debit, etc.)

  • any kind of vouchers

  • Redemption of bonus points

  • Collected wallet amounts

The standard package includes:

  • Advance payments

  • Delivery on invoice (taking into account defined credit limits)

  • Redemption of credits (through returns, etc.)

  • Payment by installment agreements

  • The processing of a variably configurable debt management system for open receivables

Price Engine:

Standard prices can be defined at the product level depending on the offer (sales channel, flyer, catalogues, etc.).

Price reductions can be calculated based on the following criteria:

  • Shopping cart content

  • Customer segments

  • Product segments

  • Product combinations

  • Defined customer properties

  • Subscription models

  • Customer groups (communities)

Calculation of benefits on an order:

  • Collecting bonus points

  • Collecting wallet amounts

  • Cashback payments

  • Vouchers

  • Reduction of shipping costs

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These rules can be set at the product level, at the shopping cart level, or tied to the use of a promotion code.

Loyalty systems:

Foto Treuesystem

Sustainable customer relationships can also be strengthened through the use of a wide variety of loyalty systems. In this context, customers are rewarded for their loyalty or the frequency of their activities, for example.

In this context, we offer options that can be defined on the basis of the customer's seniority or also on the basis of freely definable customer history criteria.

Involved in our loyalty processes are, among others:

  • Bonus point systems

  • Wallet accounts

  • Cashback processes

  • Voucher management

Vouchers and promotion codes:

Vouchers and promotion codes can be configured in general, for defined customer groups or specifically linked to a customer.

A voucher account for each individual customer ensures correct use and documentation of unused and used vouchers.

In addition to the use in marketing offers (existing customers and new customer marketing), an automatic generation of vouchers from the Price Engine is also possible.

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Bonus points account:

Foto Bonuskonto

Bonus points can be generated from various processes (product, orders, promotions, customer care processes, etc.). In order to always be able to clearly track the points balance, detailed account management is essential and guaranteed by ICS.

Points can be redeemed in a wide variety of areas, depending on the business rules.

Wallet account:

Wallet amounts can be collected from various processes - including product, orders, promotions and customer care. Detailed account management of the current wallet amount ensures transparency.

Existing wallet amounts can also be used as a means of payment at the customer's request.

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Cashback account:

Foto Cashback

Cashback amounts can also be generated through various means, including from product, orders, promotions & customer care processes. The detailed listing of an available cashback amount provides a first-class overview.

The customer information about the availability of an available cashback amount is configurable according to business rules:

  • variable in terms of timing

  • in terms of communication channel or type

Subscriptions and series:

ICS manages both product series and product abonnements, such as magazines.

Delivery is automated and according to predefined variable business rules (rhythm, payment method, etc.).

Possible anomalies are reported directly to Customer Care or optionally directly to the customer.

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Instalment Business:

Foto Ratengeschäfte

The software covers the processing of instalment agreements with individual customers based on products, orders or also for the repayment of outstanding debts.

The collection of the respective instalment can be done via credit card or direct debit or can also be invoiced. Unpaid invoices are automatically handled in the debt reminder management process.

Management of customer contacts:

All customer contacts of various types can be stored centrally at customer level.

This basis enables both an evaluation of the workload and optimization of the customer service processes, as well as the establishment of a complaint management process.

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Customer Care:

Foto Support

A central account with all detailed activities is available for each customer throughout the entire lifecycle.

All business processes and functionalities can be monitored and also executed within the framework of a customer service organization (call center, etc.). Special features enable the individual support of customers on the basis of real-time information, independent of the selected sales channel.

Anomalies or problems that cannot be solved automatically - if not communicated directly to the customer - are automatically reported to the customer service organization and can be resolved directly.

If required, self-service screens can be provided directly for customers.

Customer Communication Engine:

During the normal course of business processes, as well as in case of anomalies, so-called events are generated. These events can be converted into customer communication processes via the CCE, which are sent directly to the customer as a message via e-mail, SMS or paper. Alternatively, an alert is generated to Customer Service to personally attend to the customer and the problem.

All communication channels can be addressed directly from ICS or via external tools.

Grafik Customer Communication Engine

CRM Marketing:

Foto Marketing

Our CRM processes cover both operational and analytical CRM. Customer segmentations are already carried out in the operative system according to various criteria (buying behavior, customer history, reaction time to offers, customer interest, etc.) and applied directly in the operative processes.

Thanks to the complete integration with the operative system, multi-channel and cross-channel marketing processes can be easily mapped.

Customer communication can be triggered directly via the integrated e-mailing tool, the SMS tool or via the integrated cloud printing engine.

Alternatively, this data can also be forwarded to individual tools.

E-Mail und SMS Engine:

Our software enables full integration of email and SMS communication into all operational communication processes and into your CRM campaign management. Templates can be created in real time, as well as variables can be incorporated directly from the operational system.

Follow up processes (bounce, unsubscription, spam, etc.) are forwarded to Customer Care and can be handled there directly at customer level.

Cloud Printing Engine:

Grafik CloudPrinting

In addition to customer communication via electronic channels, addressing customers via conventional methods is also useful and necessary.

ICS offers the possibility to define letters and forms (invoices, conventional customer information, etc.) as templates. These documents are created in the ICS Cloud as a pdf file and can be printed or made available in the course of a download procedure as required.

Business Decision Reporting:

Concrete statistics to support business decisions are available through a website.

Based on current figures, ICS compiles statistics on

  • Customer structures and customer behaviour

  • current order situation

  • e-mail dispatch statistics

Extensions of existing or creation of new BDR reports are easily and quickly possible.