The central, component driven, cloud-based platform covers all business-critical processes in the area of B2C business.

That makes it special:

All processes in ICS are designed for real-time processing and real-time updates via all possible channels (web, mobile, call center, stationary stores).

The basis of all processes is a central database for all customer, product and offer information.

This centralized data forms the basis for:

  • 1

    product information and offer information

  • 2

    handling of all order, delivery and invoice processes

    (incl. availability, expenses, promotions, pricing, etc.)

  • 3

    customer care / call center processes

  • 4

    customer retention and loyalty systems

  • 5

    operational and analytical CRM processes

  • 6

    central customer communication engine

    (email, SMS , paper) for operational messages and campaigns.

The processes can be used independently as far as possible, but are fully integrated if several components are used.

Development History:

ICS Softwareentwickung

The origin of the ICS software solution dates back to 1984. Already then, ICS was developed as a platform for handling a member-based B2C business.

Over the years, the processes were enhanced within the scope of international projects and implementations based on concrete business ideas.

Target group marketing, customer analysis and CRM were already components of the solution before these terms moved into the central focus as essential topics.

Technologically and structurally, the entire platform has been completely renewed over the years, so that ICS is now based on state-of-the-art technology with a correspondingly flexible, low-maintenance software structure.