Long-term international experience:

We have been working in the field of customer loyalty and customer management on an international level for more than 35 years. The experience with projects and implementations in more than 10 countries (Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Italy, Canada, Russia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Spain, Portugal, ...) and dealing with different customer mentalities, has found influence not only in the software processes, but also in the minds of the ICS employees.
As a part of our permanent technical and structural software optimization process we were also working in technical evaluation projects with leading IT-companies.


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Your customers are our concern:

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Your customers are your capital. An asset that needs to be looked after individually. And that's where we come in: We support your company in all direct and indirect customer-related processes with a flexible software solution tailored to your needs.

In doing so, we serve individual business processes within an existing application system or act as part of a fully integrated overall system.

Simplifying the complexity:

Customers and their needs are not always easy to deal with. This often results in complex structures and processes, which can also lead to a complex company organization. We cover this complexity within ICS and offer our users a simple handling of the processes. This enables your organization to devote itself entirely to your core business.

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Short distances - people instead of organization:

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We are a small, efficient team in a lean organization. This results in efficient communication paths, quick replies and direct realizaation. Support tickets are handled directly by the know-how bearers in our development department. Since there is no intermediate support organization, a fast and efficient handling is guaranteed. Of course, this also applies to any kind of necessary configuration adjustments and the integration of additional local applications.

Our software remains a fountain of youth:

Software ages to the extent that it no longer keeps pace with reality. Technical innovations and rapidly changing operating systems are one of the greatest IT challenges of our time. Customer-related IT application systems in particular must be linked to new technologies and processes even more quickly. To ensure this flexibility, we carry out a permanent clean-up and optimization of existing IT processes and structures, thereby keeping our system up to date.

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