Our History

Die erste Version unserer Software ist im Jahre 1984 als Gemeinschaftsprojekt von Bertelsmann Buchclubs in Österreich, Schweiz und Italien entstanden - unter der Führung des österreichischen Donauland-Clubs.

Even at that time, the entire development was driven by the basic principle of membership in a club (=community). Since that time, the central philosophy of a marketing-oriented B2C business is incorporated as a kind of DNA in all ICS software features.

Foto Bücher

Internationalization and further enhancements:

In the course of time, implementations in Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland, Canada, Russia, Belgium, Spain and France as well as projects in Portugal, China and Australia led to a lot of functional enhancements. As a result, not only the internationalization of the application, but above all new business ideas and improvements were strongly pushed and developed in ICS.

A huge advantage of these functional extensions was and still is the permanent involvement of the respective business organizations, which is reflected not only in practical solutions, but also in the consideration of country-specific different behavior patterns and mentality of local customers.

We have our origins as the IT Service Center ICS Bertelsmann within the former Austrian book club Donauland. Since 2008 ICS Information Systems GesmbH does exist as an independent company.

Evolution and Transformation:

Since the year 2000, the entire platform has undergone a complete reengineering and transformation process based on an evolutionary approach.

Originally developed on a mainframe application, not only a re-hosting project was moving the whole system to a Windows based platform, but at the same time the entire software structure was renewed and improved.

The goal was

to build on a variable platform as well as to guarantee flexibility and ease of use. Projects with efficient and extremely short time-to-market cycles are thus easily guaranteed.